Empowering clinicians and healthcare institutions with the best tools to deliver clinical excellence for their patients

Our Mission

To deliver cutting-edge, innovative technology across a range of medical specialties to help optimise patient care and clinical workflows

We are highly selective in the products we choose, the emphasis being that they are at the forefront of the newest developments. Ideally, incorporating elements of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to support clinicians in managing workload efficiently and aiding them in making the best clinical decisions.

Currently, we offer patch Cardiac Holter monitoring, providing a broad range of options from providing the latest equipment to keep clinicians and healthcare institutions at the cutting edge to a complete end-to-end solution including analysis and reporting reducing the burden on busy departments.

Our Vision

In the coming months we will add more technologies which fulfil the clinical needs of a rapidly developing healthcare landscape.

Artificial intelligence will have an increasingly important role in supporting and complementing patient centric care allowing healthcare workers more time to engage with patients. Our vision is to introduce AI into healthcare in a way which complements the all important personal touch and care provided by clinicians.

Smart technologies which aid collaborative working, enhance training experiences and ultimately support progress towards consistent clinical excellence are central to our ethos. We hope to share exciting developments in the near future with new products and services on offer to help patients.